Sesame bars

An important area of company’s interest is production of Sesame bars BIO and Halvah BIO. The product sold under trade mark Croc-Crac® got the position oft he leader on Polish market.


Croc-Crac logo Croc-Crac bar Croc-Crac bar

Chałwa BIO Chałwa BIO


The company is specialised also in production of ‚private labels‘ for western markets, e.g. Germany, France, Italy.


Product Weight [g] Package display No. of displays/carton No. of cartons/layer Layers/palette Cartons/palette
Sesame Bars Classic BIO 22,5 32 items 12 5 9 45
Sesame Bars Orange BIO 22,5 32 items 12 5 9 45
Halvah BIO 50 15 items 6 10 9 90
Halvah BIO 250   18 10 12 120

Baking products / Cake fillings

In our portfolio, you will also find organic cake fillings that are produced with the use of selected organic raw materials. The fillings are an excellent addition to baking and for direct consumption.


Caramel cake filling

Poppy seed filling